Twin Keg Dispensing System

New 19ltr Cornelius Ball Lock kegs with every else new system
Used Dual Cornelius Keg System
Total: $ 545.99

This Cornelius keg system offered by Brewing Supplies Online consists of:

Two 19lt "New" Mangrove Jack's Cornelius ball lock post kegs.
Brand new home brew style gas regulator with safety release valve and gas flow control valve
Brand new high quality full Stainless Steel barbed pluto beer gun. This is not a chromed plated brass gun.
Two metres of EVA 4.0mm beer line
One and a half metres of EVA 5.0mm gas line
Four new stainless steel beer line clamps
Brand New quality plastic gas and liquid post connectors with 5 year manufacture fault warranty

*Adapters are available for setup dual regulators to support independent keg pressures*

* Beer line is not high pressure hose and recommended at maximum 13psi usage. Pressure above 25 psi may rupture lines and cause product loss.*

Replacement or repair warranty: 1 year


Recommended cleaning agent for stainless steel keg systems is Brewer's Detergent (Sodium Metasilicate) as it will not tarnish stainless steel to leave off tastes.

We recommend to only use stainless steel fittings in keg systems. Brass guns or brass components contain lead which can leach into the dispensed product. Moist CO2 is also corrosive and unsuitable for use with metals other than stainless steel.

Do not substitute any stainless steel components with brass or copper components. Do not substitute copper tubing for dip tubes.

Only use food grade rubber or silicone components. Do not over tighten fittings. Tighten to recommended torque only.

Please note cleaning agents will deteriorate rubber fittings.
If beer lines become infected with bacteria it will be necessary to use liquid line disinfectant to clean the system.

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