WBS Food Grade Glycerine 350ml

Glycerine is used as a smoothing agent when making whiskey and bourbons and fondant making for chocolate liqueurs.
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Food Grade Glycerine 350ml

There are five grades of Glycerine. The glycerine we offer is food grade.

The more common grades are:  cosmetic grade, food grade and pharmaceutical grade. There are also industrial grade and explosives grade.

Glycerine is manufactured when making bio fuels or basic soap compounds from vegetable oils using caustic soda, Lye, soda ash, and salts. 

It separates during the chemical process allowing it to captured and refined so it is suitable for personal cosmetic use, digestion, or industrial applications.

Food Grade Glycerine can be used as a smoothing agent for whiskey, bourbon, gins, and as a base for many essences.

It is also used in making fondants for creme centre chocolates. 

This item is very popular with brewers who create their own spirit flavourings.

Use food grade Glycerine as directed for profile recipes or to your own choice as a smoothing agent for spirits.

Contents: 350ml

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