Stainless Steel Infusement Basket

Stainless steel infusement basket suits dry hopping beer worts, spirit steeping fruit and organics for gin making. 70mm diameter with a 40cm chain.
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Stainless Steel Infusement Basket

Stainless Steel Hop / Infusion Bomb

The infusement bomb is ideal for containing pelletised hops, or other botanicals when making gin with an air still.

The infuseion bomb is ideal for use inside 19L kegs. It is ideal for keg dry hopping.

As a hop bomb it can fit up 30 grams of pelletised hops.

30 grams will approximately half fill the hop bomb leaving enough space for the hops to move and for you to get efficient extraction of the hop bitterness and aroma.

It can also be used to infuse other flavours from organics like Juniper berries, Cinnamon sticks, fruit peel etc to vodka or other spirits.

The 30cm stainless chain can be used to attach the infusement bomb to the inside of the lid of your keg if you have suitable lid, or to a boil kettle or pot. Or just simply remove the chain and place it directly into your Air Still boiler.

Specifications: 304 Grade Stainless Steel
Bomb Size: approximately 70mm diameter
Chain Length: approximately 40cm

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