Top Shelf Absinthe

Similar to the popular "la fée verte" (green fairy) of the 1900's.
Top Shelf Absinthe Spirit Essence
Total: $ 10.50

Absinthe Essence

Absinthe or the "green fairy" was a popular Aniseed, wormwood, and herb flavoured spirit drunk by the European Artisans of the 1900's.

As a spirit it was sugar less and often between 40% to 70% ABV. It was usually drunk with water.

With Top Shelf Absinthe essence you create your Absinthe Spirit with either 40% Vodka or 50% neutral spirit. Then wait for your own Green Fairy to be unleashed.

Water can be added if desired according to taste preference.

Serve by pouring over sugar cubes in a suitable spirit glass.

Makes:  2.25L.

Contents: 50ml

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