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  1. Before continuing with this Purchase Agreement, You should carefully read the complete Terms Of Service provided and ensure that You understand ALL of the Policies and Conditions applicable before purchase.
  2. If You do not agree to the Terms Of Service and its conditions, then You must not purchase from Brewing Supplies Online e-sales facility.
  3. Each time You process a purchase whether the transaction result is successful or not, You are agreeing to the Terms of Service referenced by this Agreement.
  4. You acknowledge that You have entered into a legally binding and enforceable contract with Brewing Supplies Online when Brewing Supplies Online accepts your offer to buy. 
  5. This sale may be cancelled and refund be provided when Force Majeure has been considered to have occurred regarding: goods supply, commercial effectiveness, legality of the sale, or legality of delivery location.
  6. You have provided up to date shipping details in this shopping cart purchase to permit correct goods delivery.
  7. You agree to the Terms Of Service as permitted by law and referenced by this Agreement.
  8. You have been advised before purchase "Change of mind refund" is not available for edible food products, seasonal food products or kits used in the manufacture of food or drink".
  9. You have been advised freight delivery date is an estimation of delivery not a contractual delivery date.
  10. Brewing Supplies Online is not responsible for refund for missing goods or replacement of goods if the purchaser has not provided accurate up to date delivery details in this shopping cart purchase.

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